Arthritis Treatment in Calhoun

Chiropractic Treatment for Arthritis in Calhoun

Treatment for Arthritis

Are you struggling with arthritis? You’re not alone. This is a very common issue people struggle with, especially as they get older. Arthritis can be very painful and reduce your range of motion, decreasing your quality of life. Luckily, our Chiropractic team can help. We specialize in relieving the pain and stiffness you experience from arthritis and helping your joints with their range of motion.

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Arthritis Pain Relief

Properly manage your arthritis symptoms and get relief from your pain, swelling, and stiffness.

All Natural Treatment

No surgeries, no medications. Just an all-natural way to help your body and joints feel better again.

Preventative Care

Slow down the progression of your arthritis. Prevent it from getting worse so you can stay active and healthy.

Nearly 1 in 4 adults experience pain, swelling, and stiffness from arthritis. Don’t keep living in pain and letting this progress. Minimize the discomfort from your arthritis and get back to feeling great again.

Top Chiropractic Care for Arthritis in the Calhoun Area

Many people experience major pain relief from their arthritis with chiropractic care. Using our gentle adjusting techniques, we can help you escape the pain and get back to feeling great again. Book an appointment now to schedule a time with our team and say goodbye to arthritis pain and discomfort.

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What is Arthritis?

Generally, people experiencing any type of arthritis experience several different symptoms including:

  • Localized pain in the affected joints
  • Stiffness and reduced range of motion
  • Swelling and redness

There are two primary types of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that is caused by wear and tear on your joints. Over time, the cartilage that cushions your joints can break down, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting millions of people in the United States.

This is very common and generally becomes worse over time and as you age. It can start out mild and develop into more pain and discomfort over time without properly treating or managing the symptoms.

Chiropractic care can significantly help reduce the pain, swelling, and stiffness of your joints that are suffering from Osteoarthritis.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis that happens when your immune system attacks the tissues around your joints. This can cause pain, stiffness, and problems moving your joints.

This is known as an autoimmune condition, and can not be treated with traditional chiropractic care. This usually requires medication from a medical doctor in order to manage.

How Chiropractors Treat Arthritis

Although there is no actual cure for arthritis, Chiropractic care has been proven to be extremely effective in helping mitigate and manage the symptoms. By performing Chiropractic adjustments, treatments help keep joints in line while relieving pressure off the nervous system. This helps reduce the typical pain, stiffness, and swelling caused by arthritis.

Typically, Chiropractic treatment for arthritis will result in:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved flexibility

Chiropractic treatment for arthritis is one of the safest options available. It’s a non-invasive, non-addictive, all-natural option to reduce your pain and discomfort. That means you can get relief from your arthritis without surgeries or medications.

Chiropractic care can be a key component in minimizing and managing symptoms caused by arthritis and is highly recommended as part of your overall health plan.

Chiropractic Treatment for Arthritis in Calhoun

Our chiropractic team in Calhoun specializes in helping patients manage their arthritis pain. If you are struggling with arthritis, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Chiropractors will be more than happy to assess your condition and create a treatment plan that will help improve your quality of life.

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